Lipoma Excision


Lipoma Excision

Lipomas are a growth of fat tissue that can occur anywhere on the body. While they are typically benign, these growths can become very large and may cause discomfort, reduce range of motion, and overall have a negative impact on an individual’s self esteem. Lipoma excision is an efficient surgical procedure to safely remove lipomas.
All About Lipomas and Lipoma Excision

Lipomas are noncancerous growths of fatty tissue that usually aren't harmful. However, these soft-to-touch lumps that tend to occur just beneath your skin may distress or discomfort some people due to their size or location. They most commonly occur in people between 40 and 60 years of age, often appearing in the upper back, shoulders, arms, thighs, or neck, though they can develop anywhere in the body.

Lipoma excision, a simple surgical procedure, is generally employed when the lipoma becomes uncomfortable, restricts movement due to its location, or grows too large. Besides enhancing your appearance and self-confidence, lipoma excision is also known to provide pain relief if the lipoma presses against your nerves or contains many blood vessels.

What Are the Benefits of Lipoma Removal?

Self Confidence

Lipomas can grow anywhere on the body, including highly visible areas such as the forearms, lower legs, and even the scalp. While these growths are generally harmless, many patients find themselves struggling to hide the noticable growths. Removing the lipomas is a simple procedure that restores your self confidence in one simple outpatient visit.

Pain Relief

In some cases, lipomas may grow in such a way that they press on nerve structures and muscles around them. Nerve compression can cause patients serious and unpredictable pain. In the case of a lipoma-compression, removal of the growth usually reduces or cures a patient’s pain entirely.

Range of Motion

If a large lipoma is growing in or near a highly mobile area, such as a joint or crease, it can restrict range of motion in the area. For most lipoma removal patients, range of motion is restored immediately following the lipoma removal surgery.
Choose North Canyon Cosmetic Surgery for Lipoma Excision

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