Fat Transfer to the Breast


Fat Transfer to the Breast

An alternative to standard breast enlargement procedures is the procedure known as fat transfer to the breast. This natural and safe procedure is a compelling option for those desiring to enhance their bust size without the use of implants.
What is Fat Transfer to the Breast?
Also known as Breast Fat Grafting or Natural Breast Augmentation, this procedure involves transferring fat from one part of your body to your breasts. This innovative procedure not only enhances breast volume but also shapes and contours your breasts—offering a natural-looking, two-fold benefit.

With this procedure, your own body fat serves as a natural implant. It's a more organic solution compared to traditional methods that use silicone or saline implants, which can sometimes lead to complications such as capsular contracture or implant rupture. Blessed with a better safety profile and a more natural look, the Fat Transfer to the Breast procedure is rapidly growing in popularity.
The Procedure Steps
The process begins with Dr. Hayes performing a gentle liposuction procedure on a selected part of your body, usually the abdomen, hips, or thighs. This part of the procedure not only harvests the fat to be transferred but also allows for body contouring in the area.

After the fat is removed, it is then carefully purified and prepared for injection into the breasts. The final step involves the meticulous placement of the fat into your breasts, enhancing their size and shape.
The Benefits of Fat Transfer to the Breast
What sets fat transfer apart in the world of cosmetic surgery is its wide array of benefits. With this procedure, you can say goodbye to foreign objects in your body. The use of your body fat creates a soft, natural feel and appearance to your breasts, making them look and feel as real as possible.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, the procedure also offers the advantage of body contouring. Removing fat from areas where it is unwanted to enhance the breasts can result in a more harmonious and proportionate body silhouette.
Experience the North Canyon Difference
At North Canyon Cosmetic Surgery, we believe in empowering individuals through personalized cosmetic solutions. With the breadth of board certifications and the dedication to detail, Dr. Hayes strives to bring the best of cosmetic and skin care solutions to individuals in and around southern Idaho and beyond. Experience excellence in the world of cosmetic surgery as we enhance your confidence and help you in your journey toward achieving the look you desire.
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