Breast Implant and Removal


Breast Implant Removal

When you choose to have breast augmentation, it's usually with the hope that the results will make you happier and more confident with your appearance. But what happens when you decide to have your breast implants removed? Whether you are experiencing discomfort due to a possible rupture, or you have simply decided that the results of your augmentation are no longer what you wish for, the decision to undergo Breast Implant Removal can be as daunting as the initial decision to have the implants.
What is Breast Implant Removal?
Breast Implant Removal, also known as Explant Surgery, is a procedure that is performed to take out or replace the silicone or saline implants used in breast augmentation surgery. This process includes a procedure known as capsulectomy, wherein the capsule of scar tissue that forms around the breast implant is removed. This procedure is often combined with a breast lift to maintain the shape and position of the breasts after implant removal.

The reasons for deciding on Breast Implant Removal are as personal and unique as the individuals who choose this path. Some people may find that their lifestyle or body shape has changed over the years, making their implants no longer suitable for them. Others may be experiencing discomfort or physical health issues related to their implants or the scar tissue capsule. In some cases, women may simply feel that their implants have served their purpose, and they are ready to embrace their natural figures.
The Breast Implant Removal Procedure
The procedure to remove breast implants begins with anesthesia, which can be either local or general depending on the situation. After the patient is prepared, the surgeon will create an incision, usually along the same incision lines from the previous augmentation procedure. The breast implant is then carefully extracted, and if necessary any remaining material is removed as well.

A crucial component of safe and successful breast implant removal is the Capsulectomy procedure. When a breast implant is placed, the body reacts by creating a capsule of scar tissue around it. This capsule can sometimes harden or constrict the implant, causing discomfort or even changing the appearance of the implant. A Capsulectomy procedure involves the surgeon carefully removing this scar tissue to ensure that the implant can be safely removed, reducing potential complications.
Seeking Expert Care
Selecting the right cosmetic surgeon to perform your breast implant removal is essential to achieving optimal results. An experienced and certified professional will guide you through your options and help you make an informed decision. Here, the care and expertise offered by Board-certified Dr. Hayes come to play. With his expertise in cosmetic surgery, skincare, and laser therapy, you can trust that the cosmetic changes you desire can be achieved.

Remember, the path to the body you desire is just a decision away. With a wealth of knowledge and an expansive suite of cosmetic surgeries and treatments, you can begin your transformation journey today! Contact us today to get started.
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