Abdominoplasty (With Diastasis Repair/Plication)


Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck Surgery)

Abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a "tummy tuck", is a transformative procedure that remodels your midsection by removing excess fat and skin. This procedure is hugely popular and common and for a good reason. It allows men and women to attain a firmer, more confident, and vibrant look, giving them the freedom to wear their desired clothing and live comfortably in their bodies.
Abdominoplasty with Diastasis Repair / Plication
Diastasis Recti is a condition prevalent in many people, primarily postpartum women. This condition involves the separation of the abdominal muscles, often caused by stretching of the muscles to accommodate a pregnancy. This separation is a perfectly natural occurrence and many women recover without any complications. In some cases, diastisis recti leaves a gap that allows the belly to pooch out, a look many find undesirable. Thankfully, Abdominoplasty combined with Diastasis Repair or Plication can resolve this issue, bringing the muscles back together and reducing the protrusion.
The Procedure: What to Expect
When you decide to undertake Abdominoplasty with Diastasis Repair/Plication, you should know it is a significant surgical procedure. However, with Dr. Hayes at the helm, you are in the best possible hands. The procedure begins with an initial consultation, during which Dr. Hayes will thoroughly discuss the procedure, addressing any concerns you may have. After the consultation, you and Dr. Hayes will discuss the best treatment plan for your needs and schedule your procedure.
Choose North Canyon Cosmetic Surgery
Choosing the right surgeon and clinic is paramount to your journey to improved aesthetics. At North Canyon Cosmetic Surgery, you can rest assured that you will receive tailored, top-tier care and a renewed level of confidence. If you think an Abdominoplasty procedure can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hayes today, and take the first step toward the look you desire.
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