Orus Bowles, CST, CRCST

Surgical Assistant


Nicolas Hayes, DO, FACS

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Hayes Headshot
I moved to Idaho in 1992 from Hawthorne Nevada. I went to college in Southern California. Graduated from Surgical Technologist school in 1987. I then continued my education by enrolling in Radiological school at the V.A. in San Fernando School of Radiology. After college, I decided to move up to Idaho because of my love for hunting and the great outdoors. Twin Falls was a perfect fit for me and I’ve resided here since. I’ve worked in surgery ever since I graduated college. Met and married my beautiful wife here of 20 years, we have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. We Love to travel and when we are not traveling were in our backyard in our pool, or out hunting.
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